Neighborly CD

Neighborly CD - Forman & Finley

Neighborly CD – Forman & Finley

Forman and Finley’s Neighborly CD

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Four instruments—rich, clean, complex—each owning its position in the matrix, yet somehow conspiring to something so much more than any one element. How does that work? How do these guys do this?

I like hanging out with guys like Paul and Steve whose music reflects how they approach life. The music they play is actually a seamless expression of what I believe they care about: intimacy, intelligence, playfulness, a desire to push the edges.

Is all of this bluntly obvious in the music? I don’t know. I can hear it in the way that Steve’s guitar mirrors Paul’s right hand on the piano, the way Paul listens to Steve’s inspiring originality in his teasing, then commanding, then ultimately welcoming of the guitar to wail and sing and wander at once bluesey then jazzy then, god I don’t know what.

Back and forth, they listen to each other—closely. They respond with both confidence that the other will deliver (they have standards after all!) while wondering what will come and where they will take it from there. And of course, little of this meta analysis is conscious. It can’t be, it would get in the way. But they know that if they don’t listen they might as well pack up the instruments and head home.

Now isn’t that cool? How often do we create truly collaborative venues for pushing our limits that delivers something more surprising and exciting than anything we can do by ourselves? And although that is part of the nature of music, especially jazz, there is something at work between Paul and Steve that weaves itself into everything they do together. It’s called respect. And isn’t that what this whole damned journey is about? Finding great playmates to excel and push the edges with?

I, for one, am glad that they’ve decided to share some of their pleasure with me, with us, through this C.D. Thanks guys. This is great.

Roger Jordan

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Neighborly CD - Forman & Finley

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