Only Trust Your Heart - Forman & Finley Band with Cherrie Adams

The Forman-Finley Band with Cherrie Adams plays jazz, blues, latin, funk and gospel with joy and ease. Cherrie Adams brings a deep feeling for the American Song Book, allowing the warm emotions, sadness, or humor in a song to emerge naturally. Steve Forman’s guitar, Paul Finley’s piano, Rick Leppanen’s bass and Jeff Busch’s drums help each song find fresh and often surprising moments.

The band can be spontaneous because every member brings to each piece the flexibility and depth that spring from decades of experience with his or her art. For example, a swing standard may take on Afro-Cuban qualities (Paul has spent years playing in Salsa bands), and another may take on the sound of gypsy jazz (Rick has played in the highly regarded Pearl Django for 20 years), or Steve may cut loose on some powerful blues guitar that he learned while playing in blues and funk bands in the Northwest and Chicago. It all means committed, compelling, improvised music!

Our new CD is Only Trust Your Heart
and you can purchase it by clicking on the link below!